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Essentials of the HUD Program: Class C - Earned & Unearned Income

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For tax purposes, not all income is earned.  Knowing how to determine whether income is either earned or unearned is critical when it comes to a family’s eligibility.  This class will teach the various asset income types and how to calculate using their values in a correct manner.  Also explored with be extended concepts such as annualized and anticipating income.   


Learning Objectives: 

  • Complete and understand HUD Form 50059 

  • The various income types and determine between earned and unearned 

  • Explore the concepts of annualizing income and whether to anticipate future income if it is not guaranteed 


Duration: Approximately 1 hour 

Level: Introductory 

Audience: Owners/Agents, Site Staff, Syndicators and Investors  


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of Attendance
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